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Marc Bodger is a vibrant, people-orientated, highly creative guy who brings people together!

This became obvious very rapidly, when I got the chance to work alongside him while he was furloughed from his normal day to day at an A Symptomatic COVID site.  He was passionate about being part of the solution to the health challenges which our community was facing; because of the COVID pandemic.

Marc is a tenacious, problem solving grafter, who builds effective relationships quickly and with ease.  He remained calm and completely undaunted by the pressures and challenges of the test site and maintained close attention to individual client requirements.

March 20th, 2021 | Featured Posts


Whether you need a landing page, an ecommerce or an informational site, with years of commercial experience and knowledge in WordPress and PHP Marc can easily create a website to suit your product or service.

March 20th, 2021 | Featured Posts


Marc has been building both WordPress and WordPress | Woocommerce websites in a commercial capacity for clients who want bespoke themes and styling built around their product or service.

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