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Registering an account on will grant (‘you’) the agency rights to personal information relating to (‘Marc Bodger’). This is a Private and Confidential area which will only be used for the purpose of applying for a particular position offered by (‘you’) the agency. This information shall not be shared to any third parties. By registering (‘you’) the agency accept these terms. This information is strictly between (‘you’) the agency and (‘Marc Bodger’).

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A deposit of 50% will be paid by (‘you’) the client to start any project. Any project that requires milestone planning will be quoted by and agreed by (‘you’) the client.


Up to 3 different versions of your project will be included in the cost of the service. Any further revisions will incur and extra cost. This cost will be quoted and agreed before further work is started.

Project Completion

Website content and source code will remain the property of until it has been paid for in full. No source code will be supplied to (‘you’) the client under any circumstances until full payment has been made.


This is a DEMO shop only. No orders will be fulfilled.

Non Waiver of Rights

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